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Desirable Behavior is in the Eye of the Beholder

Yesterday afternoon, Barbara Heidenreich posted the following status on her Facebook page:

Oh my. I think my parrot Delbert has said “That’s a Poo Poo” 400 times today. Ah yes, positive reinforcement does work : )

If one of my birds started repeating that phrase, I would surely have to stab myself.

Granted, the behavior is cute, once.  You can see for yourself in the video Barbara posted on her YouTube channel:

So what do you think? Adorable or annoying?

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The Advantages of Secondhand Birds

If you are thinking of adding a companion parrot to your home, there are lots of so-called “experts” out there who will give you all sorts of advice.  Some of it is good, some of it very bad, and some of it will be in the middle.  Although people have a tendency to say “free advice is worth what you pay for it,” I disagree that you need to pay tons of money for good companion parrot advice.

Of course it’s very hard to sort out the good advice from the bad, especially if you are inexperienced.  My advice on that score is to read and study a bunch before you jump in and get your first bird.  If there’s a bird owner’s club in your area, go talk to people there, first, before you make your visit to the pet store.  Once you hit that store, the sales people will be looking at you with dollar signs in their eyes.  If you want a parrot, especially a larger bird, they are going to expect that you are going to be spending a pretty significant chunk of change, not only for the bird, but for the cage itself.

Be knowledgeable before you walk in the door.

One piece of advice that I see consistently bandied about is that you should, whenever possible,  start with a baby bird.  I’m going to argue against that piece of advice, especially if you are getting your first bird.

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Adopting a Parrot? Have Your Eyes Wide Open

In less than a week, I have been told about several parrots who need, or are going to need, new homes.

It started last Saturday, when my wife and I took all our cages and perches outside for a deep cleaning.  We had some incredible weather that day, so we decided to get started on our Spring cleaning a bit early.

We were outside all day.  Now I’ll admit that the job would have been a lot less work if we still owned a pressure washer, but our last one died and we haven’t gotten around to replacing it.  It was a nice day, so once we had the girls’ travel/sleeping cages spotless, we popped the birds in them and placed them on the lawn while we scrubbed everything else.

That afternoon, two people came by and asked if I would be willing to take a total of three birds.  I was offered a 25-year-old male African Grey, a 14-year-old Amazon, and a positively ancient 22-year-old Cockatiel.

I was rather surprised to get so many offers in one day.

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